PROXIMITY : we want to stay close to the customer, attentive to our customers. Our structures will remain lean and flexible and focused on efficiency.

PRO-ACTIVE : we want to be the driver of continuous improvement and innovation to be able to respond, together with our customers, to the future needs of the markets we are operating in. Our organization was set up with this goal and our baseline “Profile the future” is the expression of our commitment.

PROTECTION : our priorities are respect for the environment, the future of our planet, security and recycling. We are one of the first to utilize lead free raw materials for all new product ranges. We are member of Vinyl Foundation 2010.

PRODUCT : we will develop performant and aestetic product ranges that are the answer to the technical, architectural and legal requirements of our markets. Our products will be easy to manufacture and to use. We will provide adapted color ranges ( foiled and/or Color-line painted) as well as a vast service concept.

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