Closing systems

PVC closing systems for shutters

Shutters are naturally part of house planning and provide a full protection of a private zone. Profialis closing systems combine solidity, longevity, personalization and aesthetics. They are ideally produced for fitting with your manufacturing process.


Available in 2 heights, respectively 170 and 210mm, CVI will satisfy you for both your construction and replacement projects. Thanks to its insulating shell, CVI performs good thermal-acoustic results. With 2 different shapes, straight or rounded, you can fully diversify your offer. The slightly curved end caps and inspection hatch will seduce you while combining energy efficiency and elegance.


This external roller shutter housing is the most appropriate solution for your replacement projects. It increases daylight by 30%, and thanks to its assembly system and dedicated adaptors, it does not require a lot of equipment.

Completely adaptable to other joinery thanks to our wide range of adapters, CRX is also and mainly an aesthetic solution for Renovation as the inspection hatch and corresponding end caps are discreet.

This product is available in different colours, which includes mass-colour (white, grey or stone).

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Roller shutter slats

Get the faster and most practical solution by choosing Profialis slats: you only need to interlock them to produce the whole shutter.In addition to our roller shutter housings offer, we provide you with a range of curtain slats, for even more coherence in your manufacturing project.

  • Available in both PVC or aluminium
  • 2 versions disponibles : ajourées ou non-ajourées
  • Dimensions : 40mm, 55mm ou 60mm
  • Openwork and non-openwork slats
  • Covered by Technical Application Document N°6/12-2056


VB600 shutters are meeting the expectations of demanding customers. Based on a main board thickness of 24mm, VB600 can be extended thanks to its range of additional boards, which are available in 117mm and 235mm thickness.

Available in oak decor or charcoal gray one, VB600 shutters can also be produced in barley grain decor or flecked decor, offering outstanding features to the whole product.


VLE shutters combine PVC insulation, longevity and wood aspect. Compatible with VB600 PVC profiles, they perfectly imitate timber shutters thanks to the concept of heavy board including reinforced inner walls and a width up to 300mm. Strong hinged shutters for a proper protection of the building.
Finishes go beyond expectations with a complete range of finishing products: end caps, additional PVC profiles, termination parts, bars. In addition, you have the choice between 10 different colours thanks to our mass-colour or coating solutions.
Beauty is not a problem anymore for PVC products.


As a light and aesthetic shutter, VBPI is truly convenient. With a single PVC frame profile of 34mm thickness that can turn into a mullion, VBPI shutters offer many possibilities. Openwork filling is possible following different methods: slats, mini boards or chevron slat, for a maximum support of 16mm. A whole range of fillings to meet everyone’s need.


VBPC is an industrialized concept that helps manufacturer gain time and be efficient. Compatible with VB600 24mm board, VBPC welded hinged shutters can support a 16mm or 24mm filling. chevron, slats, louvers enable you to produce any type of shutters. Moreover, assembly is simplified thanks to our wide range of accessories, which combine practicality and personalization.

Perval-the silent sliding shutters

Produced in rigid PVC, Perval is a sliding jalousie that is perfectly adaptable to both private home and flat blocks. Based on a PVC rail system integrating brush joints, it offers good thermal performance and represents the ideal choice for a silent and aesthetic sliding system.


Profialis put in place an easy assembly system which only requires brackets to assemble the frame and tight locks or barrels to close it. 4 different board widths are available (90mm, 120mm, 148mm or 159mm) as well as a complete range of assembly and finishing products. For an optimum offer, Profialis also provide you with aluminium components.

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