Joinery systems

Casement windows and doors

Profialis provides you with 2 ranges of casement window which both offer ideal technical solutions for manufacturers.

Optimal performance

Reponse 60 is the ideal solution for your 60mm casement window or door. Composed of 5 insulation chambers, thermal efficiency and sound attenuation reach their optimized capacity.

Reponse is adapted to most of the industrial equipments, and will satisfy any consumer with its traditional, tight curves.

Available for 74mm casement windows and doors, Reponse can cover any scenario specific to French joinery and can be personalized thanks to a complete coloring offer: mass-coloured, foiled or coated, you can freely give an amazing look to your joinery!

Differentiation guaranteed

With Performance ranges, be even more demanding in terms of personalization. Our products are designed so that you can optimize your offer. Performance 72 and Performance 83mm, which components are compatible, can both be fully personalized thanks to our personalization packs which provide you with an entire range of finishing profiles: from retro style to modern design, your windows and doors will always be aesthetic down to the finest details.

Both Reponse and Performance ranges are covered by CSTB certification and guaranteed as efficient and high-quality products. Covered by Technical Application Document N°6/12-2056

Sliding windows and doors

Performance as a first choice

Our innovative sliding joinery Horizon is based on 2 types of leaf: a conventional welded leaf and an innovative concept of mechanically assembled leaves. This latter system provides very satisfying results in terms of thermal performance as it can rate up to Uw=1.3 W/M².K.

Offering a complete portfolio of frames, from the monobloc one to full frame replacement, Horizon enables manufacturer to fully enjoy assembling PVC profiles without encountering any technical issue.

See the big picture

With its thin frame profiles, Horizon offers you great advantages: a large casement window which can include a threshold for disabled people, can support up to 4 glazes and brings a maximum amount of light into the house. Available for both construction and replacement projects, our PVC profiles can be personalized as much as wanted thanks to foiling, mass-colouring or coating solutions.

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