Our exterior house siding options

With intrinsic features like insulation and weather resistance, our PVC cladding, fascias and soffits products are convenient for any siding scenario.


fin1PVC composite cladding Procel-the environmentally friendly siding

Based on a PVC and minerals formulation without solvent, resin or any other noxious substance, Procel is the ideal green solution for manufacturers and installers.

Thanks to its pre-drilled accessories, Procel is an easy, quick siding option. Fully adapted to both construction and replacement projects, it can be installed directly on timber or metal frameworks by just nailing or screwing it horizontally.


fin2Cellular PVC cladding DF14, the complete siding solution

DF14 hollow PVC cladding offers the most reliable solution to your exterior house siding needs. DF14 PVC profiles are easy-to-use products as they simply get nested and fixed with steel staples. Moreover, its double walled profiles combined with a hold bulkhead give outstanding results to the cladding with regards to energy efficiency.

DF14 is also a complete aesthetic solution for house siding: composed of a wide range of accessories such as exterior corner caps, junction and starting boards, it is a reversible cladding which is available in strip or mouse décor and in many different colours. Are you interested in this product? Please, contact us.


fin3Cellular PVC fascia boards

The pinning system of Profialis PVC fascia boards, which are adapted to any type of roof framework and shape (2 or 4 gables and L-shaped), make them easy to fix. Not only it is easy to install but also the result is discreet because pins are hidden by their colours and dedicated caps.

In addition to the wide range of finishing products we offer (junction and corner parts, hollow soffits and fixing accessories), we provide you with 2 versions: 18mm thick fascia boards for Construction and 9mm thick ones for your replacement projects. With 5 different heights (150mm, 175mm, 200mm, 225mm or 300mm) and a timber imitation, our fascia boards offer you an adapted and aesthetic solution.


fin4PVC panels for interior lining

Profialis panels are destinated to interior lining but can also be installed outside in a sheltered zone, for instance cantilever roof or eaves. Personalization and optimization have never been that easy: with 150mm, 250mm or 300mm wide panels and all the possibilities for fixing or installing them (horizontally, diagonally or vertically), it is possible to use them for rooves and walls.

Profialis sells all the components necessary to interior lining like starting boards, corner profiles, junction parts, etc. For further information, please, contact us.